Activities on Ibiza

Although much of the fuss about Ibiza revolves around the nightlife – which more or less precludes doing anything else strenuous during the days – there are other activities to be done, places to go, people to meet and fun to be had.

The most obvious are the many beaches on Ibiza. Some are inaccessible without a rowing boat or luxury yacht, others are difficult to find without a car, but hey, this is an island so there are still plenty more to choose from and more than enough can be reached on public transport. Nb: Public transport here includes little ferries that run along large sections of the coast dropping people off to various beaches and then collecting them again at sunset.

For the terminally fit we have a section describing the most beautiful walks and hikes on Ibiza. Many follow the coastline offering a paddle to weary feet. Others scale the mountains or follow the cliff tops offering spectacular views.