Are you paying too much for your haircut

A bad haircut can really ruin the image of yourself that you’re presenting to the world. A good one does the exact opposite, it improves your presentation and helps you make a great first expression.

But in order to have a nice haircut at all times, obviously you need to go to the hairdresser regularly. That can be a bit troublesome though, when you have to pay a lot of money for your desired style. If you’re living in a large city, you’re probably doing exactly that, and it surely eats away at your budget. On the other hand, you might be doing that even if you’re living in smaller city.

However, you don’t have to waste a bunch of cash on haircuts. By using a few simple tricks and cheats, you can actually rock a stunning look without spending fifty or hundred dollars. If you wish you knew those tricks, consider yourself lucky, because we’re about to show them to you. So let’s begin.

Training schools

These facilities are great for both the students who work there, as well as customers who go there for a haircuts. They are filled with extremely talented individuals who are capable of producing great hairstyles, often even better than the ones made by professional hairdressers. And since these guys still have a lot more to learn, they’ll probably become even better in the near future.

If you decide to go to a training school in order to get your new haircut, you’ll get what you want for about ten dollars or so, which is pretty cheap. Just don’t forget that these guys are still learning, so if you want a very demanding and complex hairstyle but don’t like taking chances, you might want to go to a professional after all. This doesn’t mean that students won’t be able to give you what you desire, it just means that some of them won’t and others will and you can’t really know which one you’ll end up with.


Naturally, if you go to the hairdresser often, you’ll end up spending a fair amount of money. Therefore, if you want to reduce these costs, you should prolong the intervals between two visits.

Usually, you would have your hair cut once in about a month or so, but now we’re trying to make that a bit longer. Having said that, we recommend that you go to the hairdresser once in every two months. However, since hair doesn’t really grow at the same speed with all people, you could potentially make the aforementioned intervals a bit longer, or you’ll have to make them shorter, depending on your hair’s growth speed.

Do it yourself

Purchasing an adequate pair of hair clippers, scissors, and combs in order to cut your own hair might seem a bit expensive at first, but it actually saves you a lot of money on the long run. If you don’t have the tools yet, check out review websites like Trimepil to find out which are the top hair clippers and scissors you can use at home, and which won’t cost you a small fortune.

You will need to learn how to cut hair, so if you want to do this, make sure to arm yourself with some patience and determination, as well as a bit of free time and an internet connection so that you can learn by watching tutorial videos.

With this, you are officially ready to start spending a lot less money on haircuts, without sacrificing your style or ruining your appearance. So next time when you ask a hairdresser how much it would cost for you to get your hair cut and they state a large amount, you’ll be able to decline and leave the place because you’ll have a few less expensive alternatives.