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Accommodation - hotels or private villas

Accommodation here is a necessary evil, because the authorities frown upon people sleeping rough on the beaches.
Although this makes the islands look more tidy, the subject of accommodation has become more and more of an issue as the island continues to attract increasing numbers of visitors.

For permanent residents this means paying property prices that are the highest in all of Spain - even more so than central Madrid! For those of us who can't afford to buy, the same applies to property rental prices.

For island visitors the situation is slightly different as there is a fair spectrum of choice on offer, from the humble hostal room to the penthouse suite at one of the five star hotels.

However, the increasingly popular choice nowadays, much to the angst of the powerful local hotelier's association, is private villa rental. As hard as the hoteliers have tried to stamp out this option, they appear to have no chance of reversing the trend.

The internet and dot com airlines have brought on the decline of the traditional tour operators' market. People have got used to traveling independently and like the idea of booking a villa between them, with their own swimming pool, for the same money they would spend booking individual hostal rooms as a group.

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