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BenirrasIbiza and Formenteraas islands may be small, but when it comes to beaches they are definitely on the large side with a hundred to choose from. What this means, both to the casual user and the hardened expert, is that you can always find a perfect beach to suit the mood of the moment.

Whether you want a beach heaving with bronzed flesh and children with buckets and spades, or a place all to yourself for a bit of skinny dipping, Ibiza offers a dazzling selection from which to choose.

In order to do justice to this abundance of sea and sand we have put together here the most detailed selection of beaches ever compiled on the internet.

One of the many advantages that Ibiza holds over other tourist resorts is the fact that all of the beaches are no more than half an hour apart. This means that if the prevailing wind at your beach is creating waves when you had a day of snorkelling planned, or you encounter a flat calm the day after you'd polished your surf board, you can swap that beach for one that fits in with your plans, even if it's on the other side of the island.

Rarely, but occasionally, you will wake up and look out to sea to find clouds spoiling your plans for the day on the beach, but checking the direction of the prevailing wind, which creates the clouds by forcing the colder air upwards as it reaches the land mass of the island, you can soon work out which beaches will still enjoy sunshine on the windward side of the island, whether you fancy waves to play in, or a sheltered cove to enjoy snorkelling with sunlight illuminating the seabed below?

Some days the skies are clear on your local beach, but the incoming wind is creating surf when you really fancied a lazy hour watching clouds vapourise from your lilo? Relax in the knowledge that it will never be more that 30 minutes to that new dream beach you never checked out before - sometimes even less than ten minutes walk?

Ibiza's beaches offer so many different options that we have only started to begin to pay homage to the amount of pleasure that the multi-faceted beaches of Ibiza have given to ourselves and all of our friends. However, it has to be admitted that this is one of the nicest research jobs on the planet?

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