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D-Shop was the first 'decoration' shop on Ibiza thirty-one years ago when the current owner's mother, "Chiqui"; Urunuela, opened "Gaston y Daniela", the number one textile firm in Spain specializing in curtains and all other types of soft furnishings. Her sister, Bergona Zunzunegui, is the owner of "Becara" (Madrid) one of the most well-known decoration shops in Spain, catering for the likes of Claudia Schiffer. If you've got the impression that there is a hereditary talent for making a home look good running through this family, you are right...

The opening hours differ from other shops for the simple reason that Paola herself organizes everything taking personal care of all of her clients. To this end she dedicates exclusive time in the mornings to individual clients choosing and organizing without interruption. This means that she is only open to the public in the afternoons. However, appointments can be made throughout the day by calling her mobile phone or via e-mail.

D ShopThe D-Shop nowadays still occupies innocuous premises on the Ibiza - Santa Gertrudis road by the ITV Vehicle Testing station just before the roundabout. The range of products is bewildering with over 60,000 fabrics from which to choose - by far the largest range on the island and including the exclusive materials from "Jim Thompson" Thailand. The D-Shop is the only supplier on the islands. Similarly Paola is the exclusive supplier of the Tempur (original NASA technology!) mattresses and the full bedding range, including articulated bed bases. For those of a nautical bent the shop supplies "Sunbrella" fabrics for boats, gardens and swimming pools and "Stamoid" marine fabrics.

But that is only the tip of the iceberg. Paola's definition of the type of project that she relishes is "from nothing to the finished product". This literally means project management from a run down finca in a few acres of campo to a fully furnished and decorated dream home in its own landscaped gardens.
Paola Madurga
de Urunuela

D ShopWith so much experience in the field it is hardly surprising that Paola has assembled the cream of local artisans to realise her client's dreams. Her decorative painter is often asked by clients to accompany them to the mainland to decorate their main residence. She has a Belgian team of builders who attend to the smallest detail and finishing touch, in addition to being fast and efficient. Paola also designs furniture and has it 'custom' built to meet the customer's requirements.

A typical example of this might be a magnificent dining table to match the unique set of chairs you've discovered that don't look right with your existing furniture. Alternatively a mosaic table in any design, shape or size that you fancy, with a protective varnish guaranteed for a year.

The formula that has proved so successful over the years is simple, but not uncomplicated. The customer's wishes are paramount, but not always obvious. So in comes the counseling couch and questions that people often find intrusive - "Do you read in bed?", "Breakfast in bed?", "Children?" - all sorts of stuff that seems irrelevant, but enables a final solution to be found that satisfies desires that the client might not even have considered, and doesn't impose a set style, as the client has to live with it.

D Shop D Shop D Shop
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This attention to detail has generated work all over the world. Recent projects include a flat in New York, a boat in Finland and a London townhouse. Naturally the perfect reference always comes from a satisfied customer and Paola has those in spades. A regular opening gambit from a new client will include mention of seeing their dream somewhere else and enquiring from whence it came and how it has served its purpose? "We've had no problems with it, just go and see Paola" they are advised. This insistence upon the durability and longevity of anything she supplies ensures that it will last indefinitely. She doesn't like complaints and successfully avoids them at all cost.

D Shop D Shop D Shop
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The D-Shop list of satisfied clients many well-known names with property on the island and elsewhere... but privacy is always respected, which is why they remain faithful to D-Shop.

So the next time you pass by the Santa Gertrudis roundabout, look for a typical Ibicencan house with three arches and find all that you need to feel the best of Ibiza's interior design...

Crta. San Miguel 2.300, Rotonda Santa Gertrudis
Tel & Fax: 971 31 58 02 (Afternoons Only)
Mobile: 606 343 046 (9 am to 8 pm)

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