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Many moan that Ibiza's not the way it used to be back in the day, because all of the special secret places have all now been discovered, courtesy of Google Earth, by the hordes of tourists that nowadays invade the island.

To a degree this is true, and has been used to advantage by many venues in obscure, difficult to find, corners of the island. Signposts abound, to the point that in some area they have become such an eyesore they have been removed by the authorities. However, this is not a criticism that could be levelled at PK2, nestling incognito in the extremely hard to find and totally unspoilt bay of S'Estanyol on Ibiza's east coast.

pk2Remarkably, PK2 is not hidden away down an almost impassable camino on the farthest flung northern cliffs of the island, it's barely 5 kilometres from the centre of Ibiza town.

However, it is hidden down a long and difficult camino that runs through a large portion of spectacularly unspoilt countryside on a beach that it claims as its own, in the name of the 'Republic of S'Estanyol'.

President of the Republic, Javier, is not overly concerned about promoting his establishment's whereabouts, in stark contrast to his many similarly privileged competitors. The bar doesn't have a website, any directions you might find will only come from locals if they think you'd fit in with the chiringuito's regular patrons, and even then you'll be lucky to find it.

pk2, ibizaThere's a painted, but faded, stone at the entrance to the camino that admits PK2 is this way, but then you've got to go a long way down the camino before the final challenge of the entrance to the car park, which is OK going in, but formidable on the way out! This is particularly true after any of the many spontaneous or unpublicised parties that regularly take place throughout the summer.

Because the bay faces straight out to sea and PK2 itself is so remote that there are no neighbours to complain about the noise, its wild parties continue undisturbed and are favoured by some of the island's most distinguished residents and biggest promoters. However, throughout the rest of the summer it relaxes as a laid back bar serving simple but delicious food in the shade of cool camouflage netting to more ambient tunes provided by their impressive Funktion 1 sound system.

Javier simply says "If you can't find this place, you probably shouldn't be here." As leader of the Republic, this is probably not a man that you should argue with...

Open noon till late
Tel: 971 187 034

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