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Organic food on Ibiza

€Organic food is better for you€

This contentious statement has provoked intellectual argument between scientists and the farming industry for many years, and led to the official UK government line that €buying organic food is a lifestyle choice that people can make. There isn't any conclusive evidence either way.'

It would appear though that this is all about to change as the results of a four year study, involving 33 academic centres across Europe and funded by the European Union to the tune of €17.5 million, are released over the next twelve months. The study centred on a 725 acre farm near Newcastle, which was split into two so that organic and conventional produce could be grown side by side enabling scientists to systematically investigate the physiology of produce from the different farming techniques.

The professor coordinating the project has already concluded that €the general trend in the data shows that there are more good things in organic food.€ He continued €The research has shown up to 40% more beneficial compounds in vegetable crops and up to 90% more in milk.€

These beneficial compounds include vitamins and antioxidants, which are believed to help to combat diseases, and vital trace elements such as iron, copper and zinc.

soil associationDespite the fact that organic produce is typically 30% more expensive than conventional produce, the organic market is growing at 25% per annum, so growing numbers of punters must be noticing some difference. The director of the Soil Association, which controls the organic farming industry in the UK, ensuring authenticity, predicts a €seismic' change in the food industry, €if you know there are significant nutritional differences in these foods, any sensible citizen would conclude it must have health implications.€

In the meantime the government department responsible, The Food Standards Agency, has ordered a review of evidence on the nutritional content of organic and conventional produce, but pointed out that even if significant differences were found, the government would still need to assess any possible impact on health. In other words, don't expect any change on official government line any time soon. They're probably hoping that market forces driven by consumer demand will save them from upsetting the powerful food industry apple cart.

All interesting stuff, but where do you find truly organic produce on Ibiza? - Look in the side bar, top right, or click on the markers on the map!

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