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MGMT - Ibiza Rocks - 25th August 09

ibiza rocks 2009

Ibiza Rocks - 25th August - MGMT

As predicted, MGMT tonight at Ibiza Rocks was another very busy night - MGMT management though seemed to think they are a world famous band playing a stadium gig at Madison Square Gardens and protecting their "image" (rather reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys doing a similar thing at Ibiza Rocks a couple of years ago) - it was a bit of a farce restricting the regular photographers when you had upwards of 4/500 people taking photos and videos on their iphones, mobiles and little digital cameras ;) We think they forgot they were in Ibiza...

Since most of the regular photographers weren't allowed into the pit we all decided that we'd get down the front and take photos of MGMT from the audience (which of course meant we could use a flash) until their Tour manager decided to try otherwise. Their tour manager: "I'm not worried about the audience cameras I'm worried about you people" why?... would you rather have 500 dodgy photos of your band on the internet or decent high quality pictures on the net and promote your band in the best possible light ?

Fair play though to the Ibiza Rocks team for sticking up for the 3 of us who decided to flout the "ban" by taking photos from the audience. As one of them (photographers) said - "in 5 years or so time when point and shoot cameras become as good a quality as current digital high-end cameras the point is going to become moot"...

However - both The Virgins and MGMT were great and it was telling that it was almost as busy as Dizzee Rascall the other week - and that was rammed. Spotted upstairs were Jade Jagger, Amber le Bon, Tiesto and Judge Jules. A colleague said it was the best Ibiza Rocks gig so far. MGMT sounded in parts like everyone from Bowie, The Hollies, The Shadows to The Undertones & The Clash and some prog rock - good fun... Lots of loo roll fun at the end as well with Andy wrapping himself up in loo roll.

Click on photos as usual for larger versions.

Ibiza Rocks 2009 Ibiza Rocks 2009
The Virgins Tiesto
Ibiza Rocks 2009 Ibiza Rocks 2009
Judge Jules  
Ibiza Rocks 2009 Ibiza Rocks 2009
Ibiza Rocks 2009 Ibiza Rocks 2009
Ibiza Rocks 2009 Ibiza Rocks 2009
Ibiza Rocks 2009 Ibiza Rocks 2009
Ibiza Rocks 2009 Ibiza Rocks 2009
Ibiza Rocks 2009 Ibiza Rocks 2009
Ibiza Rocks 2009 Ibiza Rocks 2009

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