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Scuba Diving around Ibiza - The West

diving Illa Gorgonia - The Island of the Gorgonias

Between Sa Conillera and S'Espartar there is a little uninhabited island archipelago which used to be haunted by whales. The natives hunted them, until there were none left, and they have never reappeared.

Today, the archipelago is a refuge for rare sea birds and a unique species of lizard. But the area is exceptional under water as well. From a depth of 33 metres onwards divers find themselves in a forest of red Gorgonias, a species of coral that is extremely rare in the Baleares. They require constant water currents - which they get here.

A diving trip for experienced divers will reach to a depth of 40 metres. The bottom is at 58 metres. But this should not constitute a problem, for even if one gets into the decompression range, the ascent automatically allows for the necessary stop periods. At 35 metres down the rock face opens into a large perpendicular cleft which provides a habitat for all manner of marine creatures, like corals, sponges, cod, octopus, lobsters, eels and moray eels. The ascent is correspondingly slow.

At a depth of 10 metres below the surface the cleft ends. The route takes you along the rock face sideways to a cave which is full of corals and well worth a small detour. From there we return to the boat.

The isle of the Gorgonias
Characterisation: Deep Diving Turn
Minimum requirements: AOWD for experienced divers, for less experienced divers and beginners there are worthwhile tours in the range of 18 metres max.
Depth: 9 - 40 metres, bottom 58 metres, for OWD: max. 18 metres


Big Blue Ibiza, Cala Vadella,
just down by the beach, (Local Can Jaume).
Tel. 650 76 92 96
Open May 1st to October 31st
Orcasub Ibiza, Club Hotel
Tarida Beach, Cala Tarida, just down by the beach.
Telephone/Fax: 971 80 63 07,
Mobile 657 557 143.
Rumbo Azul, Tort d'es Torrent. Telephone/Fax 971 39 44 86, Mobile 655 576 807 or 655 576 808.
Open all year round.

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