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Fitness Centers on Ibiza

For body and soul

As with every year in winter, the outside temperatures are dropping, the weather isn't as reliably gorgeous as it was and the months of laziness and excessive eating are upon us. This is the perfect time for some exercise for your body (and soul). Regardless of whether you wish to stay fit, lose some old or new pounds or add a few muscles to your figure - Ibiza has a selection of fitness studios that can help you reach whatever your goal may be with their machines, programmes and wellness offerings.

General Information:

  • All of the centres that we visited in this survey have good equipment/machines of an appropriate standard.
  • The sauna and fitness areas generally do not meet the standards of similar facilities located in Northern Europe. They are generally smaller, don't have cold plunge pools and resting areas are rare and if there, small. Loungers are also sometimes unavailable.
  • The water areas are generally quite clean, but mould stains develop quickly in the damp-warm southern climate here.
  • Almost all of the centres offer special contracts for weeks, months etc for visitors to the island. Ask at the centres, the staff will be happy to advise you.
  • If you are interested in remaining athletically therapeutically fit and are also interested in a large range of health offerings then Magdalena's is probably the best place for you.

But this isn't just about excess pounds - while the weather may be mild the climate here is damp, and regular exercise is a great way to boost your immune system. Even simple saunas and other wellness services can help you feel better, which also improves your resistance!

Naturally you can exercise in the privacy of your own home, or outside in the island's gorgeous natural landscape all on your lonesome. However, in the long winter months on the island it is good to get out and meet people, enjoy new social contacts or find a trainer to keep you on track with your programme, and how many people have a sauna at home?

There are a few basic differences between the sport and fitness centres here on the island. There are those that clearly cater to health training and wellness offerings, other fitness temples where the beautiful people bring their beach bodies into perfect shape, and the muscle factories where muscle building and body cult are in the foreground.

Our fitness expert, Dino Schmidt, visited ten of the island's fitness clubs and checked them out from top to bottom. One of the best results of his survey was that he found that no matter where he went he never had the feeling of being out of place, all were welcoming. Ibiza has always been a place where you can come as you are.

Dino had a good time at all of the clubs and found the service and technical support was good all round - sometimes even very good.

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