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Scuba Diving around Ibiza

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Floating in blue, iridescent light.... exploring submerged buildings and foundered ships.... marvelling at colourful marine life.... accompanying giant shoals of fish.... experiencing unique underwater landscapes.... seeing limestone caves that are only accessible to divers.... and to top it all, playing with luminescent squids at night!

Diving along Ibiza's coastline is a fascinating adventure for everybody. Beginners can find perfect diving conditions here. At the same time, the Mediterranean waters around the island contain a large number of challenging spots for advanced divers, and some that are breath-taking even for the most experienced veterans of the sport.

We have selected a few highlights for every level of difficulty for you, plus some diving centres, all belonging to the Asociación de los Centros de Buceo de Ibiza y Formentera (ACBIF), a co-operation that guarantees excellent standards of quality with respect to instruction, materials, safety, and environmental protection. All these diving stations offer courses ranging from first steps in diving through basic diving certificates to various expert diving activities. All these stations are multilingual, Spanish and English being standard languages, German and French are optional.

divingBasically, everybody who finds this sport appealing can take up diving. There is no real upper age limit - only a lower one. The minimum age for scuba diving (diving assisted by breathing apparatus) is 10 years under the rules of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors), the world's most well-known diving instructors' organisation. CMAS even sets the age limit at 12 years. Under the rules of either organisation, however, youngsters from 8 years onwards are allowed to start diving practice in pools. Otherwise it is only one's own fitness and general state of health that set any limits.

Before the very first trip under water every prospective diver must submit a clean bill of health from a qualified physician. For this the doctor will check a number of basic functions and parameters important for an individuals safety and well-being under water. A person of average health and fitness is perfectly able to learn to dive.

diving Quite a few people over 60 take out a diving certificate, and there are some who still go diving even at a grand old age. Whatever the diver's age, however, regular medical check-ups are a must, in the diver's own very best interest. If the results are okay, there should be nothing more to stop him or her on their way to a new line of fun and adventure.

Almost every diving centres possesses a collection of small treasures: these are very special diving locations whose positions are carefully kept secret. This is meant to ensure that they are preserved in their pristine condition of unharmed beauty. Once a centres's team has got to know a newcomer and considers them to be a responsible person, they will disclose these secrets. It is then a point of honour not to disclose these secret locations to anybody else, nor to visit them alone or with outside friends.

Photos in this diving section from: Diveccenter Cala Pada, Diving Center San Miguel, Diving Center H2O / Luc Foster.
Graphics: Diving guide Guia Submarina / Islas Baleares

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