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Hiking on Ibiza

The warm glow of achievement emanates from our site as we announce the first of the IbizaA-Z hikes.

A - From Cala Xucla
B - Around Portinatx
C - Around Port de San Miguel
D - Around Santa Ines
E - Pirate Tower overlooking Es Vedra
F - D'alt Vila in Ibiza Town
G - San Carlos to Cala Mastella
Having spent four days out in the field struggling with a badly translated and inaccurate hiking guidebook, meanwhile exploring countless dead-ends and cul de sacs, we are proud to present the highlights of two former hikes (that no longer work!), which we have neatly melded into one.

Our first born is called "Hike A" and takes you through countryside and coastal scenery near to Portinatx, in the unspoilt north of the island.

Because it is being presented to you over the internet, we are able to provide vital pictures of all of the important junctions, alongside views along the route.

By virtue of being published over the internet, any changes to the route that take place in the future can and will be updated on site straight away, so you can be sure that nobody has blocked your route with a new house or a large hole in the ground.

In each of the hikes you'll see links to kml file which you can open in Google Earth or a gpx file which you can upload to your gps device/pda etc. Under those is a link to a printer friendly page you can take out with you on the hike...

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