Nightlife on Ibiza

8 Aug 2018 ibaz

The ‘super clubs’ of Ibiza are renowned the world over as the global HQ of dance music, and deservedly so. Not only for their size and splendour, but also for that unique nightlife atmosphere created by thousands of people, fresh off the beach, letting their hair down with a holiday vengeance.

It has to be borne in mind though that these clubs pre-date the ‘dance music’ phenomenon by many years. Most have been around for three decades and more, during which time they have provided a stage for the top ranking artists of the moment down through the years.

For this reason they have taken every musical genre that has come and gone over this period in their stride – from the hippies onwards.

In the meantime many other smaller venues have established themselves offering DJs and live music in a more intimate setting.

In a nutshell, whatever type of entertainment or nightlife rings your bell you’ll find it here somewhere.

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