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Jogging around San Carlos in Ibiza

About 5.5 kilometres, moderately difficult to difficult with challenging sections, roads and dirt roads, unlit.

Begin at the church and head towards Cala Llenya. The start is curvy and uphill, afterwards it continues downhill. As the main road curves to the left, leave it and continue straight ahead.

After about 1.5 kilometres you'll make a right into the first paved side road. This road continues uphill again and as it curves to the left you have two choices - either stay on the road and continue jogging on the pavement or continue into the campo along an old, rocky and dusty dirt road - just perfect for cross-country fans.

If you opt for the road, you will arrive back at the main road heading back into the village. If you decide on the cross country route, follow it over the hill and dale to the school, where you make a left that heads back down to the main road. Carefully cross said road and run parallel to it into Can Gat. Follow this dirt road to its end and then make a right onto the small road heading back into Sant Carles.

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